Schedule of Classes & Events

May 06, 2020

  • Albany Law Pathway Program - Target Date November - Classes begin Saturday, August 22nd

    Lawyers teaching future lawyers. Law School Preparation Program.

    Prepare for the November/January LSAT.

    Introduction to the LSAT. Explore logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and reading comprehension. Learn what I.R.A.C. is and how it applies to LSAT preparation. Learn how to brief the exam and discuss with us how your test result will correlate with your eventual first year law school class rank. Most importantly, learn how to write like, read like, and ultimately think like a lawyer!

    Introduction to legal methods.

    This course is intended to provide an introduction to critical legal analysis of case law and statutes and provide a jump start on the analytical skills needed for succeeding in your first year of law school.  This course will help students to prepare for the LSAT by developing the analytical tools necessary for effective legal analysis. Moreover, student will be provide an opportunity to produce a short analytical writing sample that demonstrates legal and analysis and writing skills.