Why Choose The Focus Approach?

Some other LSAT preparation programs, though not many, may talk about recreating a law school learning
experience; REALLY?

Let’s compare:

Who requires that every teacher graduate law school with a Juris Doctor, pass the Bar Exam, and be licensed to practice law?

Who pays its attorney/teachers an hourly rate greater than what New York State pays the criminal defense bar?

Which program, in partnership with Pace Law School, offers a “Pipeline to Law School” opportunity? Participating students who achieve a reported LSAT score of 153 or higher, and enroll at Pace Law School, receive a one time tuition reduction equal to the price of the Focus Approach course, are guaranteed admission and remain eligible for additional scholarship awards.

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Who, drawing on their legal education and experience, requires its students to prepare for the LSAT by learning how to think like a lawyer?

Who, in partnership with multiple law schools, and as part of its LSAT preparation program, offers its students a 12 hour legal reasoning/writing seminar taught by a law school faculty member?

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Who has established anchor locations at multiple law schools?

Who provides an opportunity for each and every student to have a one-on-one meeting with multiple law school Deans of Admissions?

Who provides each and every student with an attorney/mentor who is there every step along the way?

Who is able to demonstrate, over a two year period, an average improvement in repeat test takers’ scores of 6 points, an improvement twice as great as those reported by the LSAC?

Who can demonstrate over that same two year period an average LSAT score reported by its students (155) which resulted in scholarship offers to over 75% of those students?

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