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Touro Law Live Intensive Summer Session - June 2, 2019 thru August 25, 2019

The live Focus Approach Course is a law school preparation program. The LSAT is a psychometric test and it measures how much you think like a lawyer. We prepare you for the LSAT, and for law school, by teaching you how to read like, and write like, a lawyer.Once that is accomplished you will find yourself thinking more like a lawyer. 52 hours of attorney driven exam analysis. Sit in an actual law school classroom, come prepared to defend your reasoning through inquiry, and be ready to challenge the reasoning of others. Learn to organize & manage & solve (analytical reasoning), hone your lawyering skills (logical reasoning), and be ready to read and absorb complex text (reading comprehension), and yes, even learn how to write an LSAT essay using IRAC. No payment is due in advance; everyone is welcome to attend the first session of each new class cycle as our guest. Thereafter, if and only if the program is a fit, and you decide to join us, will you need to reach for your wallet. While payment may be made in full, our installment plan is open to all. That plan consists of three payments, each for $750. The payments are scheduled over the life of the course and are automatically charged to your credit card on dates specified in advance. So, sign up, and let's get underway!

Touro Law Center
9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (30 minute break at 12:30 p.m.)
Touro Law Center - room 412 - Installment plan payment dates: 6/18 - 7/16 - 8/13


PRICE: $2250