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Focus Approach On Demand - FCSL Guaranteed Admission Program* -- March 30, 2019 LSAT (Online Course)

Florida Coastal School of Law (FCSL) is offering prospective students who qualify for, and successfully complete this program, guaranteed admission. For those students who are accepted to, and enroll at FCSL, a one-time scholarship of $1,000 will be awarded. This intensive Program run by Focus Approach, LLC, includes the 60 hour Focus Approach On-Demand Course/ March-June 2019 LSAT, as well as an on-line Legal Writing Workshop. Working under the guidance of our team of Focus Approach attorneys, you will have the opportunity to prepare for the November 2018 LSAT on your own schedule at home, work, or wherever you have the ability to go online. Learn how to: apply IRAC (Issue-Rule-Analysis-Conclusion) to the LSAT, brief arguments, read with greater insight, and perhaps most importantly; learn how to reason the way an attorney must in order to be successful. The legal writing component is integrated into this Program. Students may be required to submit practice memorandum of law and/or LSAT essay prompts, which are reviewed and commented on by Focus Approach attorneys. Successful participants are taught to read, write, and think the same way we lawyers do! Payment of $1175 is made through the Focus Approach website. You must be accepted into the Florida Coastal School of Law "Channel Program" to enroll in this section. Classes begin Tuesday,January 22, 2019! Registration is now open!

PRICE: $1175

Focus Approach On-Demand -- March 9, 2019 through June 3, 2019 (Online Course)

Join us on-line. Over 75 hours of attorney directed instruction. Watch as a new class is released each week, consult our video library for additional in-depth explanations, and learn how to attack the LSAT. Registration is now open and prerecorded lectures available. Live class sessions will appear online beginning Tuesday, March 12th. Access to the videos remain available through June 3, 2019.

PRICE: $895

The Analytical Library (Online Course)

Learn how to organize, manage, and solve every analytical reasoning hypothetical from exam 52 thru exam 78. A comprehension journey into the land of analytical reasoning!

PRICE: $495