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Focus Approach On-Demand -- 2019 Fall Term - September 10 thru November 25 (Online Course)

Join us on-line. Over 75 hours of attorney directed instruction. Watch as a new class is released each week, consult our video library for additional in-depth explanations, and learn how to attack the LSAT. Registration is now open and prerecorded lectures available. Live class sessions will appear online beginning Tuesday, September 10th. Access to the videos remain available through November 25, 2019.

PRICE: $895

On Deck/In Class (Online Course)

Breaking down the arguments in logical reasoning by applying IRAC to the LSAT

PRICE: $995

The Analytical Library (Online Course)

Learn how to organize, manage, and solve every analytical reasoning hypothetical from exam 52 thru exam 78. A comprehension journey into the land of analytical reasoning!

PRICE: $495