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On Deck/In Class (Online Course)

Breaking down the arguments in logical reasoning by applying IRAC to the LSAT

PRICE: $995

COVID - On-Demand - Target Date November 14, 2020 LSAT (Online Course)

Let's prepare and be safe and smart about it. While meeting in person may remain out of reach for the moment, thoughtful remote preparation can still prove effective. Here's how it works: Beginning Monday, August 24th, the first of twelve class sessions will become available for viewing. Each class session will have, at a minimum, three hours of instructional video. Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension will all be covered in granular detail. In order to reinforce the class lecture, you will also have access to our OnDeck series of videos. OnDeck videos provide a question by question analysis of the logical reasoning sections included in PrepTests 78 through 86. Also included and designed to reinforce the class videos is the Analytical Reasoning Library. The library contains videos spanning from PrepTest 52 through PrepTest 84. Every analytical reasoning set-up is discussed in detail. Organize, manage, and solve your way to success by working your way through this collection of videos.

PRICE: $995

The Analytical Library (Online Course)

Learn how to organize, manage, and solve every analytical reasoning hypothetical from exam 52 thru exam 78. A comprehension journey into the land of analytical reasoning!

PRICE: $495